Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Well, it's finally happened. I've created a blog. Will I ever post? I don't know. Why have I done this? Because I am exhausted and I should be sleeping; however, blogging is apparently way more important. AND as I got into bed to fall asleep to a Seinfeld rerun on Fox, I was surprised to see Arrested Development instead. This made me excited because despite being one of my favorite shows I have only seen the first season. So deciding I would watch it, I ran to the kitchen to get a drink to stay awake. . . along the way I decided to check my email, my friendster profile, thefacebook, myspace, my school email, and to see whether my brother has started posting on his blog again. He had, and he tagged me with a quiz. . . which I will respond to soon. Well, Arrested Development is over now. And so is my first post.


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