Friday, April 14, 2006

Yay! for Baseball & Spring

I've been meaning to post these for a while, they're from a couple weeks ago at my first Sox game of the season. It was the second game, where they did the ring ceremony. They gave away 20,000 replica rings, but Sean and I didn't get there early enough, boo! I'm going to my second, third, and possibly fourth games of the season over the weekend. I am very excited.

Life has been good the last few days--not that it wasn't before, but I can definitely feel the relief of a lot of stress passing. Things are going okay for the events I have to plan and I only have one "big" assignment left (actually a minor presentation for a class I'm not even enrolled in). Anyway, the weather has been amazing and if I hadn't been so downright lazy today I would have gone out to play. I wish I were a little more tough against the elements too, allergies and sunsickness have already hit me bad this spring. The good thing is I have quit Mt Dew, (for rill rill). It's been almost a week, and actually I haven't had any caffienated beverages, but I have had chocolate--mostly in ho ho and donut form. mmm ho hos. Its strange though that without drinking mt dew, I haven't been craving candy the way I normally do. I have tons of Robin Eggs around and I haven't even wanted them, poor unwanted robin eggs.


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