Friday, October 13, 2006


A couple of days ago I realized that a shirt a got at the Rentals show this summer has been missing since I bought it. I also knew I had to work on rearranging the summer/winter clothes in my dressers and closets. My mania for wanting to find the rentals shirt helped me along. I cleaned out my dressers last night but never found the shirt. Today I started getting itchy to find the shirt again so I went through my whole closet. Finally, I gave up. My winter clothes are more accessible, yay, and I managed to get rid of two shopping bags of old clothes (this is a huge step for me--I'm awful about holding on to clothes I don't/can't wear). (of course I also bought three bags worth this morning). But. at least I accomplished something. So after giving up, I started to ponder doing some laundry and I was straightening up the last bits of stuff that got moved around while trying to sort out the clothes situation. Last night I had put a small pile of random items that were on the floor of my closet on top of my laundry basket, and holy shit, there's the shirt. I'm so happy right now. I got this huge task done and found my shirt. I just wish it fit. damn!


Anonymous Kay said...

congratulations. that is a cool shirt, would've been sad to lose it forever

October 14, 2006  

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