Monday, August 22, 2005

some bloggy thoughts

For a long time I was turned off to the idea of creating a blog or livejournal. Part of the reason is because I don't particularly feel I ever have anything interesting to say. And, for a long time, I misled myself into thinking people who have nothing interesting to say end up talking about other people, usually in a negative way. But I finally realized that mainly applies to people who feel the need to speak despite having nothing to say. There are some other character traits I think go along with those factors, but I will refrain from delving into those opinions, because honestly, I have better things to do like learning about Vin Diesel. For instance, did you know that he once challenged the bones of Bruce Lee to a fistfight, and lost.

Knowing I rarely feel the need to speak I finally decided it was safe in here. I figured that I would not succumb to frustrations and use my blog as a venue for complaint or lower myself by boring people with pettiness of my social life. I also had no intentions of talking s#@% about the graduate program I am in, neither the program itself nor the people in it, as some of my classmates seem to do. But then a couple of hours ago I was directed to a classmate's blog that mentioned me, not by name, but anyone who was in the class would know I was the person of whom the blogger was speaking. The blogger's words are not exactly vicious, but they were not all that kind either. I am sure that to some degree I care that I was mentioned, after all I am writing about it. And in doing so I suppose I have, by default, broken the promises I made to myself when starting this blog. Still, it's kind of like the way I care that because today's mail had not yet arrived when I got back from the beach, that I will have to go back downstairs later and check it. I'm not annoyed or insulted, just surprised. And actually a little glad, because it made me remember why I am here, in Chicago, working on my MFA, and how happy I am. And despite my post earlier today which may have implied I am not looking forward to school itself all that much, I really am looking forward to being back in school. (It's just when one is free from any responsibility and gets to spend days going to the beach, parks, museums, or by biking, reading, writing, playing video games, watching movies, calling and/or writing letters to old friends, and just having the luxury of wasting time watching daytime television it's hard to get too hyped up about going back to classes, work, and teaching). The main reason I decided to write about this was because as mentioned before, it actually sparked thoughts which reminded me how very happy I am with my life, as a whole. I know there were a few other things I had wanted to address--not completely related, just sort of indirectly inspired by all of the strange-warm feelings I had after reading about my work--that I will get around to later, maybe.

In the meantime, consider the following:
Adderall is actually made from grinding up Vin Diesel's teeth, which have magic, cocaine-like chemicals in them to help keep Vin kicking ass 24/7. Vin Deisel doesn't mind giving up his teeth because, as it has been well documented, his father was 1/2 shark so Vin grows approximately 200 new teeth a day.


Blogger Jamal said...

Vin Diesel.... LOL....

You should see this poll:

this sums up all you need to know about the Vin-Man

August 22, 2005  
Blogger Amanda said...

Wow, that's great, especially considering I have often thought Vin Diesel would be a nice addition to my apartment, as a piece of furniture. . . and not permitted to speak.

August 22, 2005  

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