Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm picking out a thermos for you . . .

Strange Day

First, on dreams:
I've been having some crazy-ass dreams lately. The dreams I had last night weren't even all that weird--the last one was something about one of my brothers turning into Darth Vader and taking over the world. At some ceremony to welcome him to power and the upcoming end of the world there was a procession of people carrying free thermoses, which he was handing out to people. They were snoopy thermoses and I got really sad because I couldn't have one. (I didn't show up in time). So I was picking through this table of other free stuff, all snoopy items, keychains, coinpurses, etc and just taking everything I could get my hands on, but I really wanted a thermos.

Anyway, what was amusing to me about this dream was the scenery. I have realized that my dream is recycling sets from old dreams, but the decor has been changed to fit the dream. I guess it's not so much "sets" but there are certain layouts to buildings or houses or whatever the place I am in that are recurring, but like I said the decor has been changed. While waiting for bro-vader to arrive I ran into an Italian restaurant to use the bathroom and it had the same floorplans as a recreation and fitness center I had been to in another dream months ago.

Another thing that was odd was that in my dream I had trouble seeing things because I got an aura migraine in the dream. When I woke up I actually did have an aura migraine, it was at the end of its cycle just skirting my vision. I am way too tired right now to even ponder how the aura made it into my dreams--I mean it does make sense, I suppose it's like when you are dreaming and hear something that makes its way into your dream, but it still was very odd.

After all this the day started off really crappy--annoyed by miscommunications and buses that never come. I did a bunch of class visits to promote the advocate program and got reassurance that it is in no danger of being cut. Yay, i might still have a job next fall. So slowly things have turned around. Teaching went really well, the students I wanted to strangle a week ago have improved their attitudes and caught up on their work. We are essentially workshopping for the rest of the semester. The students have picked up really quickly how to give constructive feedback and directing a workshop comes pretty naturally to me. The last couple of sessions have gone really well and I just feel energized now.

I hope the rest of today goes as well.


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