Friday, May 12, 2006

Another year done

I have just finished calculating the grades of my students, they've been submitted and now I am finally done. (Oh crap, I just remembered one more thing I am supposed to do, but it is something for work that I was asked to do by someone who isn't my supervisor. Do I have to do it?)

Well I am done for now anyway. This was a pretty great semester over all. I feel very accomplished in many ways. I am already thinking ahead that next year there will be even more new responsibilities; but in the mean time I am going to bask in my success while I can.

Teaching this semester really was very refreshing. While last fall I started to doubt this calling, the success of my students this semester should stand as testement to my abilities. I know that probably sounds egotistical, but I have to start admitting my abilities to myself. It was pointed out to me yesterday what a great accomplishment it is to not lose or have to fail any students (especially in an enhanced class). In three semesters I have only lost one student and that feels really good.

Working in the advocate program has also been incredibly rewarding. I have gotten to know so many other people on the faculty and more doors have opened to me. It's been such a great experience.

As for the upcoming hiatus in learning, teaching, & advocating, I am dedicating my time to preparing for applying to PhD programs, working on my thesis and manuscript, getting back in shape, hanging out at the beach, and maybe even start thinking about looking into this whole publishing thing.

Edit: Oh yeah, in other good news, this morning I fit into an old pair of jeans I've been avoiding. I suppose I will continue to work on my eating habits since it's paying off.

Happy summer y'all.


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