Friday, March 30, 2007

. . .and, breathe

So, it's been busy in Amandaland lately, hence the lack of posting. Don't know if I really even have any readers out there but whatever.

Despite being hectic, things are falling into place, as they always do, eventually. The biggest news is that I am essentially done with my manuscript. It is just about 64 pages, the maximum length allowed, phew! It has been an amazing semester with my one-on-one adviser, pulling this whole thing together. She is amazing and has been receptive to my work, unlike most instructors I have had. She understands my intentions and goals and gives my work the care and attention it deserves. Don't get me wrong, I have had a couple of mentors along the way, Stephanie Strickland and Ed Roberson, both of whom encouraged my exploration of language and experimentation. But Lisa has worked very attentively to help me understand where my work can go.

So, I will be getting my MFA in a little over a month. I feel really lucky, because unlike others I know I have not gotten sick of the program or being in school, although at times I have been stressed and had intermittent moments of doubt. I feel like my experience has lasted just long enough.

I am defintely feeling spring fever/senioritis pretty strongly. I just want to go out and play. And I can't wait for summer. Sean and I are celebrating graduating by taking a little cruise. We have a 4 night stay on a Carnival ship booked. We stop off at Key West and Calica, Mexico, and we have a couple of excursions planned at those stops. I am very excited, ever since I went on an Alaskan cruise I have wanted to do another. It's a short cruise, but it will be so nice.

We are also planning another trip to Door County, which will be very nice too. This time it will be warm enough to really enjoy the outdoors as much as we enjoyed the food and the lodging.

Also, I am venturing up to Minneapolis this June to take a weeklong workshop through the Split Rock Arts Program. It is in mixed media bookmaking. I will create two artists books in that week. This is another reason I am excited about my manuscript. It is made up of two long projects which I could use as a basis for the two book projects.

As for the rest of the summer I hope to do some work with orientation and any other opportunities that pop up, to keep me busy. But for now it looks like I won't have much else going on. Ahhh, a real summer. I have had so few summer breaks. I can't wait.


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April 01, 2007  
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Just saw the post...woohoo, almost done with school! And the manuscript, that is awesome! Yay!

April 05, 2007  

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