Thursday, December 04, 2008


Over the summer I was on my way to a Sox game, riding the train, fighting the urge to sleep because I had not slept much or very well the night before. I was not paying much attention to where I was when I looked out the window at a random stop and saw the words "I don't fall to sleep, I falter" painted on a column at the station. And I thought, yeah! that's exactly how I feel, I don't fall to sleep, I falter. Someone had captured my feeling precisely. This kind of woke me up and I thought, man those words are really familiar. Then I wondered, "why are there words painted on the columns." Then I realized the train had been stopped at the Harrison station and it clicked, those were my words. Duh!

Over two years ago I made a post announcing that a haiku of mine had been chosen to be included in the Harrison Haiku project. Well last Spring they began putting the poems up. About six or so were put up on the walls in the entrance area, with no word of when the rest would go up. I had pretty much forgotten all about it since I just figured they decided to downsize the project, after all, where else would they put the other poems? On the columns. . . so, here is the best I could do with a picture, I present "Impelled."


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December 13, 2008  
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Here by way of AJ's blog. Congratulations!

December 14, 2008  
Blogger Annetta said...

WOW! That's great!
My daughter the poet.


December 17, 2008  
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December 19, 2008  

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