Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Solitaire (still building)


from trees

Burnt orange floor
Cards spread,
Looking out over
My Kingdom of wood
and leaf.


Flannel pajamas
wander to window--
frost covered.
Huddle under
over register.
Sleeves and legs fill
with warm breeze.
Fingernails scratch
first words on ice
on glass.


Silence, nearly
just a shuffle of adult stuff.
And darkness,
only slight strips from blinds
slice the rows of mats.

Maybe others sleep,

On this plot
journeys launch
for legendary treasures
and noble wars are fought.
It's here,
this placid restlessness begins.


Ankle cast,
an anchor.
Dimmed classroom
emptied for lunch
open only to me,
weighted to this back row
Maps and books
out of reach.
Desks, windows, trees
doors and bookshelves
in line and wood.


pattern tapping
on panes.
Crack the window.
Wet air wafts
through wire mesh--
the soft sweet/sour scent
of mist and metal.


Silver maple seeds
helicopter down
to brick
to me
and anthills.
Under this shade tree
the closest to sun I'll get
bathing in the light of flutter.


run, launch and lift
let the line out
slack pulls in the breeze
the difference
between ground
and a slice of sky


Anonymous mom said...

Very nice and about time.

April 13, 2009  
Anonymous Payday Loans online said...

very nice wonderfully written

March 07, 2012  
Blogger D.M. SOLIS said...

Beautiful images and tone throughout.

I read in an earlier post how busy your life has been. Still, I hope you will continue to honor your writing and your experiences here.

Peace and all good things for you and your husband.


January 08, 2013  
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