Tuesday, November 29, 2005



I have been out of sorts lately. (Stress is probably to blame). But whatever it is, life has been so weird. I have had odd sleeping patterns, nightmares comparable to the night terrors I suffered from as a child, and just feeling frazzled all the time. I have been feeling blank and pointless. I blame Milosz, damn him and his concerned ambivalence. He is making me think about the fact that I am absolutely content with the fact that I lead a very boring life. And in turn this is causing some discontent. It's like that thing on television shows, where people are more concerned with the fact that they aren't concerned that a close family member died. I think that happens on television, I don't usually pay much attention to what's going on on tv, it's on all the time, it's there, kind of like the clocks around the apartment, they are there, and I get a general idea of what time it is (none of them are set to the right time btw). Anyway, I am not too sure what I was getting at. I think I should go to the dr and get this A.D.D. diagnosed and get medicated, maybe that will increase my productivity. Blar.


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