Thursday, February 23, 2006

The gushing of the Andoumboulou

Have I mentioned how much I love workshop? We had another amazing class last night. And afterwards some of us went out for drinks. Every bit of time I spend with the new class makes me happy that I am taking my time and staying in the program for another year. As I am losing a couple of really intelligent and insightful pals as they graduate this spring, it's so great to be making new friends that I'll be getting to know better over the next year.

And even though I felt some troubles in my teaching this week, I am going into the next week feeling even more dedicated to what I am doing. I’ve had a lot of doubts about whether I am suited to teaching ethnography, I feel so shakey, but my students are just so awesome. I just got their first round of fieldnotes and I am so impressed by what I am seeing. I love teaching the enhanced course, even though their grammar is sometimes weak or their writing a little hard to understand I’m just so amazed by the insights they have and their dedication to the work.

Oh and an update on Kay my friend who is currently teaching English in China. She emailed me, she's safe and sound. Like I figured she is still on holiday, I think in Japan visiting her grandparents. It was such a relief to hear from her finally.

There is also a reading this saturday at 1pm at the Harold Washington library. Ed Roberson & Nathaniel Mackey. I am so pumped that I just said "pumped."


Blogger Beautiful Disgrace said...

You are so great & totally apt to teach this course!! I had fun last night. Thanks for listening :)

February 23, 2006  
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