Thursday, February 16, 2006

you can take the girl out of the flower shop . . .

but you can't take the flower shop out of the girl. I moved my flower arrangement into my room because I don't really have a good place for it anywhere else in the apartment (it deserves better than the cluttered dining room table between the tostitos and crackers). And then I noticed that four roses were all bunched up together in the back and so I started plucking them out and rearranging to fill in holes elsewhere, making sure those in the front are facing me. Part of the reason they were off-balance is because one had been removed--my own fault. Anyway, i'd already been feeling a little down today, still just feeling awful, had to leave work early again. I can't concentrate on anything, and even though we had a great date, we haven't spent any time together since then and won't probably until Saturday and that is making me blue. I'm feeling very lonesome. Anyway, I was reminded how much I really like arranging flowers. I didn't do a lot of it in the shop, and I was always paranoid about whether I was doing it right. But when I did, I think they turned out okay, and like I said I really enjoyed doing it.
I miss sean.
I miss home.
I miss a lot of things right now.



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