Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I am poet, hear me rhyme

So, after only a year and a half of working toward my MFA I am finally feeling like a poet again. Everything feels as though it's coming together. I suppose it is a number of factors intersecting. I mean there have been moments over the last year and a half when I felt that I had grasped some part of the whole. Yet with so much missing the feelings of accomplishment were usually short-lived. I know the feeling I have now will fade a bit or even pass altogether. But there's a peacefulness to it that gives me hope. Anyway, the main thing is I am actually writing poems. Not just to complete assignments, I am writing them on my own. I have ideas coming to me, I don't have to force them on myself. And that feels really good. I am so glad I made the decision to extend my time here. If I were trying to do the thesis course this semester I think my entire time here would have been wasted. I mean, I'm finally getting it. What a shame it would be if I were to rush through now.

On a related note, I really enjoyed my workshop tonight. It's a very small group, only 7 of us. It had the intimacy (and to some degree the honesty) I have only felt in a couple of my former craft courses. While I absolutely loved Stephanie Strickland's workshop, it was a larger group and because she had us go around the entire room, all of us having our say. The trouble with that was much of the time advice was repeated repeatedly, which was a little counterproductive. Also, for once (for whatever reason) I really felt like I actually had some good comments for other people's work.

Additionally, Ed, my professor, really liked my poem. During our break from class he offered more compliments. I felt so blessed that Stephanie could see potential in my work, but I've never been given the praise I got tonight. And that feels so good.

And beyond the world of poetry, work and teaching feel very good right now too. As an advocate I had a great discussion with a student--it was challenging and satisfying, and she expressed her appreciation for my help. An interesting turn came when she learned I was also an instructor, she was embarassed by her candor in talking about professors, but I reassured her there was nothing wrong in anything she said. I mean I am a student too, and its part of my job to hear students' perspectives on such matters.

That discussion also had an interesting intersections with my class this morning as we worked to define worldview and mindset. I feel really good about that class. I just hope I don't let them down, they're really an amazing group.

Other random notes:
Best idea today: Snow Dogs 2 starring Paris Hilton and her team of Chihuahuas traipsing across Antartica.
Best response to the question, what makes a poem good for you?: "it has to rhyme"


Blogger brandijay said...

Amanda, you had amazing comments in workshop. I was really impressed, actually. I am loving workshop so far, btw... I decided the other day that I just want to go to workshops forever and ever... ;)

February 05, 2006  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks Brandi, if workshops were always run like the one the other night I would agree about going to them forever.
p.s. missed you in class last night. . .

February 07, 2006  

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