Friday, January 20, 2006

the dessert gods hate me

So about a week and a half ago I got some lime whole fruit bars from Target, I should have followed my instincts when I thought the box felt a little odd ( one corner was like a little worn and crumply) but I was tired and didn't feel like walking all the way back to the freezers when I realized it at the check out line. Uggh. They had all melted and refrozen. They were so deformed.

Since I didn't get to indulge in the fruity goodness I decided a few days later to get some cookies n cream ice cream bars. They were yummy and I ate them very quickly. So when I went back to the store yesterday I decided to get more because they were almost gone. Well, I went to get one tonight after dinner, and when I grabbed the box it felt odd. Not like the whole fruit bar box though. It was just very firm on one end. So I figure that must just be the end with the actual bars, and the sticks are on the other end, right? Hmm. Well, when I opened the box I pulled one out and two came. The individual wrappers were stuck together. One of the bars was not sealed completely and somehow got that whole end of the box sticky.



Blogger Sean said...

Don't worry. I have a dessert surprise for you that will make it all better :)

January 21, 2006  

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