Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bea Arthur + Erik Per Sullivan + Abba = my favorite tv moment ever

It's been a slightly crappy day. Not terrible, but I am sick (for the second time this break). blar. I'd been looking forward to this day for a couple weeks, my first real day alone in a long time. I have been dying for some solitude. There are tons of things I want to get done before school starts back up, and today was going to be my first day to do anything I want. I know I am lucky to have this freedom at all, still it would have been nice to feel better than I do. I really wanted to go for a walk to the lake, since the weather was beautiful to boot. But the thing is I am getting my yearly bout with sinus infections and it hit me a lot harder today than I had expected. Nonetheless, I was able to relax a bit. I watched a couple of movies, listened to some music, cleaned the kitchen, read a bit and started making squares for an afghan. And lucky me, I got to see my favorite television scene ever, twice. Just before dinner I turned on the tv just in time to see the episode of Malcolm in the Middle where they go to a waterpark, leaving Dewey with a babysitter. I don't know what it is but the part when he and Bea Arthur dance around to Fernando always fills me with joy. It seriously made my day. A few hours later when Fox aired its second episode for the night, it was the one where Lois and Hal work on their will and they show various clips from past episodes. So, of course I got to see the dance again. yay for me.


Blogger Aaron said...

That is a great scene. I think my next favorite is the episode where Dewey becomes a latch-key-kid and secretly orders the grand piano.

January 13, 2006  
Blogger Amanda said...

That is probably my next favorite too. Pretty much any of Dewey's plots will make me smile. My two other faves are when he skips school and does his little magic/contortionist act And when they have the hot babysitter and he hypnotizes her with his cuteness, I constantly get the "poopie poopie poopie" song in my head. Then there's when he manipulates Reese, makes friends with the fly, gets money for the boy who looks just like him. . . I love Dewey.

I think the only other show that sticks in my mind with such memorable scenes though is Arrested Development. I wish I could see more of that show. I still have only seen the first season, then a lot of random episodes after that. My favorite from that one of course is when the publicist, Jessie, calls George Michael "Opie" and the narrator says "Jessie had gone too far, and had best watch her mouth."

January 13, 2006  

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