Wednesday, October 12, 2005

even more random facts

First best friend: Katie McDowell
First car: Chevy Astro Mini-cargo van, white, no windows, great for kidnappings
First kiss: 14 years old, Brad Johnson(no relation), in the East High Auditorium during a school assembly
First break-up: Brad Johnson, two weeks later in the East High big gym, during another assembly
First screen name: Phrogrrl
First self bought album: I am pretty sure it was The Monkees, but I don't remember which album
First funeral: That I remember, Great Grandpa Shepard
First pets: Gus, my trusty dalmatian
First piercing/tattoo: none
First credit card: Visa
First enemy: some kid on my soccer team in fourth grade, he was making fun of my boyfriend so I beat him up
First big trip: Disney World, age 5
First musician you remember hearing in your house: hahaha, Barry Manilow, hahahahahaha, my babysitter Mindy was playing "Mandy"
Last cigarette: I don't remember exactly when, but it was a coupla years ago
Last car ride: Sunday night, Frank's been happily parked right outside my front door since
Last Hookup: Sean
Last good cry: last Monday when doing my Neruda homework, it wasn't "good" though
Last movie seen: "The Baxter"
Last beverage drink: Mt Dew
Last food consumed: Cheerios
Last phone call: Sean, last night before the game
Last time showered: 2 hours ago
Last shoes worn: blue suede Sugar tennies with the rainbow platforms
Last cd played: Rilo Kiley, More Adventurous
Last item bought: other than food, some t-shirts and bras at Kohl's
Last time wanting to die: Last Monday while doing my Neruda homework
Last website visited: Sean's livejournal, where I found this great way to procrastinate


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