Sunday, March 05, 2006

What is the plural for Zamboni? I'll try on a few possibilities. . .

I had a great date Friday night. Sean and I finally made it to a hockey game. That's how great my boyfriend is, he is willing to suffer through a sport other than baseball, just for me. We headed out to Rosemont to see the Chicago Wolves. It was a lot of fun--but even for me the best part was between periods: 2 Zamboni + a miniature dirigible (by miniature it I mean about 8 feet in length) + a giant slingshot for the promotional t-shirt toss=lots of fun. (Yeah I am easily amused). The game was fun too, mostly toward the end though when a fight seemed imminent. There had been a few tiffs instigated until finally the other team's goalie was apparently feeling a little bad because he just started pounding one of the Wolves because he tripped over him. It was wonderful.

Still seeing the combination of Zambonis & a Dirigible was the highlight of the night for me. We're still trying to figure out where I might be able to see all three of my favorite vehicles. The trifecta being Zambonies, Dirigibles & Catamarans. If I ever experienced such a thing I could die a happy girl.

I don't know where my love for dirigibles came from, but I love 'em. A few months ago back in Iowa I was walking through a supermarket and saw a Goldfish blimp. I wanted it so badly. I actually felt the impulse to shoplift, I am sure no one would notice me walking out the door with this.
Hell, just now I was excited to see someone else took a picture of one to put on the 'net.


Blogger brandijay said...

Oh my god you kill me... I'm sure you're familiar with the Zamboni song? I love it!

You ARE from Iowa! ;)

March 07, 2006  
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