Friday, December 09, 2005

better days are on the way

While I got very little sleep last night today has been a pretty good day. I stayed in bed late, even though I woke up at 7. I just kind of stumbled around the apartment a while. I biked to get myself going. And started reading yet another article on Milosz. I think I finally got my head around what I want my topic to be. This paper should not be nearly as difficult to write as the Neruda paper a few weeks back. I have a genuine interest in Milosz and the topic I will be writing on. Though, every paper I write is difficult, they just all have their own difficulties. For this one the trouble may be that I have too much of an interest and may overload myself with outside sources and have difficulty actually getting to the paper itself. Anyway, enough about that.

I am making about a million cheesecakes in the next week and so I needed to venture out to the store. So I went out to start digging Frank (my car) out of the snow. It looked so cozy inside of the dark car when I reached in for the scraper, I was half tempted to just crawl in and take a nap. I wish some part of my apartment could be that dark during the day. I kept working on my car and a woman pulled up to park in front of me. The poor woman had only a squeegee and was trying to dig out enough street to park. 8 inch deep snow versus a 6 inch wide squeegee:hmm no competition. I offered her my snow shovel while I brushed off my car and then helped her a little. So I figure I did my good deed for the day. And luckily I was able to get a close spot once I got back from the store.

I worked a little longer on my Milosz ideas. Then Sean came over after he got off from work and we exchanged one early Christmas gift each. And I have decided I have the best boyfriend ever. He gave me a gift card for an hour long massage at an Evanston spa. This makes me very happy. I have never had a professional massage, but for quite a long time I have wanted one. My only fear is that I will form some sort of addiction to such pampering. Well, my only other fear is my chronic ticklishness, but I will deal with that when it comes up. He had good reason to want to give this to me early, because he knows how stressed out I am and how stressed out I will be over the next week and a half. So, this will be my reward and I might end up spending a little extra when I go, make a long afternoon of it and get all the pampering I need. I will be very happy in 2 weeks, once the Milosz paper is done, once my teaching portfolio is turned in and I am free from the craziness that has been this semester.

After exchanging gifts we went out to dinner at Leona's. And it was good. We said goodnight, he made his way to a poker game. Now I am going to change into my jammies, snuggle with my turtle and watch some Red Dwarf on loan from Netflix. What a great day!

Tomorrow will be good too. I will keep working on Milosz and we may go to see the Zoo lights tomorrow night. YAY!!
As much as the little things stress me out, it works out in the end, because it's also small things that make me happy and lately I have been spoiled.


Anonymous Theresa said...

I'm glad to hear you are finally going to get a day of pampering. You deserve it. As for the cheesecakes, when can I expect mine??

December 11, 2005  

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