Monday, December 12, 2005

why am i dancing around my study?

Because I am writing a paper that I really want to write and every time I sit down to write it I get so happy that I just have to get back up to dance around some more. Some people might mistake that for procrastination but I know better. It feels good to have this passion back. Sadly, it doesn't mean this paper will be any better than the last. I have learned that no matter what, any paper I turn in ends up being a first draft. I just can't summon the words until the pressure is on. If I had the opportunity for rewrites I could write some amazing shit, publishable shit.

Ooh, what was that pang? Is that my ego showing? Hello, old friend, it's been a while.

p.s. no paper would be complete, or good, without the mandatory freak-out. I'm projecting a mionr one will happen around 6 pm, another of catastrophic level probably around 10pm.


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