Tuesday, December 13, 2005

why am I no longer dancing around my study?

I lost it folks. The passion I mean. I still very much want to write this paper, and technically it has reached the ten page mark so I should feel good about it. It should feel as though an end is in sight. But this is not the paper I wanted to write. I wanted to say something interesting. I feel like I have only just started to hint at my point. It took me all day and most of the night just to get the structure together, and I don't even think the structure is right, but it is all I can work with now. I swore my Neruda paper was the worst paper I had ever written, and it was true. I just didn't want to write another stinky paper. Blar. My hopes for an A went out the window three hours ago. Oh well. There are better things in the world than A's. Like sleep, and sanity. Neither of which are in store for the next 23 hours or so. Well I better get back to it and patch up what I can to make sense of this thing.


Anonymous john said...

why am I shitting a brick?

Because I'm in the adjunct faculty office, miserable and inspiration-less.

I need a sandwich and cookie. I am going to go procure them from Jimmy John's, and then I'm going off to buy J.L. Austin's "How To Do Things with Words." This is a poor choice, but what others do I have?

December 13, 2005  

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