Friday, March 24, 2006

I miss my puppy already

This is my dog, Norman. I miss him a lot. Ever since I moved here to Chicago I have wished he could come with me. I kind of wish I had looked for a place that allows dogs. He's almost 14 years old, and I have a feeling he won't be around next time I go to Des Moines, so, I said an extra long goodbye to him this morning before I left. I spent what time I could with him the last few days. He's such a sweet dog, we got him after our dalmatian died when I was in high school. He's always been kind of a loner. He never really liked to play, except alone at night in the snow--we'd hear him out in his pin chasing after his plastic flamingo or tearing the siding off of the old house. Seriously, he appears lazy and antisocial, but he is just pensive. You might blame it on old age, but he has always been like that. When we first brought him home he would lay down to drink his water. From puppyhood I would take him out in the yard to play and he would just lay down and look around. He did chase a rabbit once--went into the neighbor's yard where he lost interest and decided to visit their toddler who was playing in a sandbox. A.D.D., lazy, antisocial. No wonder I love this dog.


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