Wednesday, March 08, 2006

teacherly gushing

So far today is off to a wonderful start.

I took my comp students to the library today and it was a really great experience all around. I think it was good timing too. Last Wednesday for the first time this semester I felt like I was losing their attention. Then, after Sunday's snow I had a nearly empty classroom on Monday. This was very odd for me because the few days that anyone is absent it's only one or two that are gone.

Anyway, for the few who did show up that day I talked in depth about their resource review assignment which was the reason for going to the library. I was really nervous that since over half the class didn't even know the assignment the visit would be worthless. I spoke to the librarian before class started to warn her they might not all be on track because of Monday's low attendance. And she commented on the small class size, (only 12 total) and I explained it is an "enhanced" section. She got this look of shock when I said that and started asking if her agenda might be too advanced for them, explaining that usually they give the "enhanced" kids a more basic tour of the library. I told her to stick to her original plan because my group is awesome and they can handle it. Something about her views and concerns put me off a bit and I explained that even if a few of them didn't know the ins and outs about the assignment they were ready for whatever she had to give them. Of course they proved me right. They were answering all of her questions with great insight. She was totally shocked, and that made me feel so good for them. When she sent them out to find journals she remarked on their attentiveness and brightness. Well duh. Just because they are in an enhanced comp class doesn't mean they are dullards. It simply means they have weaknesses in writing that are traceable or maybe they had a bad day when they sat down to do the placement test. I get tired about people's attitudes when they hear I teach the enhanced classes. I have had the greatest time teaching them, they are smaller and allow me to work more closely with each student. Plus the students are required to do weekly tutoring sessions in the writing center here which supports them further with more individual attention. I'm always amazed by the work of my students, it is passionate, honest, and insightful. And even though I have days like last wednesday when I wanted to wring their necks for being so inattentive and days when suddenly they decide not to show, it's days like today when they show how sharp they are either to me or to others that remind me why I do want to teach and how blessed I am to be a small part of their lives.


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March 09, 2006  
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yeah yeah, i know i shouldn't be teaching kids to write. actually with that one I blame my office keyboard, you have to hit the keys as hard as a manual typewriter to get them to work. Oh well.

March 09, 2006  

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