Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Never come between a girl and her pickle

The last time I went to Panera I ordered a new sandwich and it was supposed to come with a pickle, according to the menu board. I looked in my bag to make sure that I got my side, an apple--because sometimes they forget--and I saw the apple, but there was no pickle. Well I told the dude & he told me hot sandwiches don't come with pickles. Well this sandwich is a "Signature sandwich" and according to the menu, it does come with a pickle. So this time I decided to ask if they actually come with pickles like it says on the menu, and the cashier walked over to the preparation area and told them to give me my pickle. The only problem was that the one guy who gave me a hard time about it in the first place wasn't there. On the bright side however, I got two pickles.


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