Tuesday, December 13, 2005

as of December 23 this semester will all be over. . .

If I can just finish everything in the next 10 days I will be all better. I would like very much to just end this semester and start over. Unfortunately I have nothing to look forward to next semester. The one class I was really looking forward to taking was cancelled. SO I get two other lit classes in its place. Oh well.

I have to write a book review by tomorrow, which should be easy as pie. And I have to make a bunch of cheesecakes which should be yummy.

I am also looking forward to seeing the final episode of the Amazing Race tonight. I don't often get into shows, but for some reason this one got me. I especially like seeing all the yuppie dumbasses make ignorant remarks when they are in foreign countries. I haven't been too excited about this season though. The only team left that I mildly like is the Dad and three daughters, they seem to be the least annoying. Anyway it will be a good way to relax while the cheesecakes are baking tonight and my Milosz presentation is all but a vague memory. (I'm hoping everyone else forgets it as soon as it has been read too).

After the review, and a short explanation of my craft project I will be done with my homework for the year. Then I need to get my ass in gear for my Teaching Portfolio. I am hoping to have that done by next Wednesday. I also have thousands of CPR submissions to wade through. I would have likely quit the editorial board if it weren't for the next meeting being pushed back. But I am feeling better about that whole thing over all. Hmm, after that I am free. . . sort of. I still have to create my class for next semester. I am teaching Comp II, likely ethnography. Any ideas for text books to use?

Well back to the homework. I am nearly done writing my explanation for my Serial Poem. Hooray!


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