Thursday, January 17, 2008

tagged again!

So, I have once again been tagged to list odd/weird/little known facts about me, my life and goals. I listed seven not too long ago, but this meme demands 10. Well, let me try to list some new things.

1. I currently have five jobs. Six if you include the one week gig I just finished working today.

2. I won 100 bucks at Bingo last week, as well as a mechanical stuffed pig that walks and oinks.

3. I used to play the saxophone. (Saxomophone . . . saxomophone).

4. Though I already have two degrees, I am pondering another, soon, very soon.

5. I love Nintendo.

6. More specifically, I love Legend of Zelda games.

7. I invented a drink I call Tropicalia. It's delicious.

8. I have keloids.

9. I have started making monster hats, crocheted and felted.

10. I am currently planning my wedding and going insane doing it. If anyone wants to help, wonderful, but we will ask when we need it. If anyone has advice, please save it until we ask. If anyone wants to know how it's going, it's going really great, but please don't ask about it. If I have to go over where we stand right now, I will take Sean up on his suggestion to go to vegas. Don't mean to be a bitch, but we are at the stage where we are getting info/details worked out. And people trying to "help" are only adding to the stress of it all. A bit ranty I know, but I have had to repeat the same things a million times over the past couple of weeks and I just can't take it anymore.