Friday, April 28, 2006

done & almost done

The Composition Colloquium is over & now I can insert experience in the "teaching workshop" section of my slowly growing teaching resume. It went so well. I was a little scared about teaching teachers, especially considering their experience compared to mine (I was literally the least experienced instructor in the room with only 9 credit hours under my belt). But they were all so great and fully participated! What a great experience.

I go sleep now?

NO! Actually I am feeling energized, so I am going to get as much work done in the next few hours that I can.
Just a few more tasks before summer. I can do it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


okay okay, I give. I am burnt out.

Good Idea / Bad Idea

I just learned that Animaniacs will be released, finally, this summer: July 25th. I have been waiting.

In the mean time let me provide you with some advice I wanted to give to a man I saw this morning on my way to work:

Good idea: taking your dog out
Bad idea: wearing in-line skates while taking your dog out

he almost really did take his dog out: "ker-splat" poor pooch.


Happy Birthday Jack! (he's 84 today)

the coolest people ever are Taureans.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This is why I should not be allowed to think. . . ever

This morning waiting for my bus to come, another was pulling away from the curb and for the first time I really noticed how big the tires on the bus are and I thought, "god it would suck to get a flat on a bus."

Tonight, I just missed a bus by like seconds. Grr, so I patiently waited for the next. It came finally and we started out northward. Then halfway up LSD we pull over. WHY GOD? WHY DOES MY MIND HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN? The driver crept up to our exit until finally he pulled over and we had to wait for another bus to come and pick us all up. I finally got home, uggh.

I want to sleeppp
but first, I wonder what it would be like if the Sox could beat Seatle tonight?

29 day 1

Well at least the Sox were nice enough to win for me today, even though I was too tired to stay awake to root for them. Oh no! It's now April 26th. Bye bye birthday.

p.s. Happy Birthday Joe Crede!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free Ice Cream

Go out and get yourself some free ice cream today. In honor of moi Ben & Jerry's is giving away free scoops! Really!

Brirthday Meme

Wikipedia Birthday Meme
Go to Wikipedia, enter in your birth date but not the year. List three neat events, three births and two deaths, include the year.

3 Neat events: Whatever, it's MY birthday, I am listing 4
1792 - Highwayman Nicolas J. Pelletier becomes the first person executed by guillotine.
1847 - The last survivors of the Donner Party are out of the wilderness.
1901 - New York becomes the first U.S. state to require automobile license plates.
1983 - Pioneer 10 travels beyond Pluto's orbit.

3 Births: I'll compromise, I am putting 3 living & three dead
1908 - Edward R. Murrow, American journalist (d. 1965)
1911 - Jack Ruby, American assassin (d. 1967)
1917 - Ella Fitzgerald, American singer (d. 1996)
1940 - Al Pacino, American actor
1964 - Hank Azaria, American actor
1970 - Jason Lee, American actor

2 Deaths
1744 - Anders Celsius, Swedish astronomer (b. 1701)
2002 - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, rapper (b. 1971)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Bragging Rights

At some point in my life I might actually have to interview for a job. But as long as people want to continue dropping them in my lap, I am happy to accept.

I recall about a year ago I was spending many afternoons at the beach and at one point had the thought, "god I really don't want to apply for a summer job, surely something will come up." A day later, prayers were answered and I got the advocate gig which included a month of "training" and just enough dough to slide through summer. Well since I am trained that means no summertime advocate hours this time around. So, this spring I started having the same feelings as last year--how nice it would be to spend my time at the beach rather than working at some crappy summer job.

But after being told to do so, I submitted my resume to teach in the college's bridge program. I expected there to be this tedious interview process, and since I am still kinda new at the teaching thing, I didn't have high hopes. Well, a couple days ago the coordinator asked if we could talk about it, I assumed it would be an interview or pre-interview thing. Well I went down to chat with her and she handed me some materials so I can start preparing for the job. YAY!! I love being the golden child with amazing luck. (And I love only having to work one month out of 3). I know you are all thinking that I am lazy and that I totally suck. Yeah, I do. Whatchya gonna do about it?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm picking out a thermos for you . . .

Strange Day

First, on dreams:
I've been having some crazy-ass dreams lately. The dreams I had last night weren't even all that weird--the last one was something about one of my brothers turning into Darth Vader and taking over the world. At some ceremony to welcome him to power and the upcoming end of the world there was a procession of people carrying free thermoses, which he was handing out to people. They were snoopy thermoses and I got really sad because I couldn't have one. (I didn't show up in time). So I was picking through this table of other free stuff, all snoopy items, keychains, coinpurses, etc and just taking everything I could get my hands on, but I really wanted a thermos.

Anyway, what was amusing to me about this dream was the scenery. I have realized that my dream is recycling sets from old dreams, but the decor has been changed to fit the dream. I guess it's not so much "sets" but there are certain layouts to buildings or houses or whatever the place I am in that are recurring, but like I said the decor has been changed. While waiting for bro-vader to arrive I ran into an Italian restaurant to use the bathroom and it had the same floorplans as a recreation and fitness center I had been to in another dream months ago.

Another thing that was odd was that in my dream I had trouble seeing things because I got an aura migraine in the dream. When I woke up I actually did have an aura migraine, it was at the end of its cycle just skirting my vision. I am way too tired right now to even ponder how the aura made it into my dreams--I mean it does make sense, I suppose it's like when you are dreaming and hear something that makes its way into your dream, but it still was very odd.

After all this the day started off really crappy--annoyed by miscommunications and buses that never come. I did a bunch of class visits to promote the advocate program and got reassurance that it is in no danger of being cut. Yay, i might still have a job next fall. So slowly things have turned around. Teaching went really well, the students I wanted to strangle a week ago have improved their attitudes and caught up on their work. We are essentially workshopping for the rest of the semester. The students have picked up really quickly how to give constructive feedback and directing a workshop comes pretty naturally to me. The last couple of sessions have gone really well and I just feel energized now.

I hope the rest of today goes as well.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Yay! for Baseball & Spring

I've been meaning to post these for a while, they're from a couple weeks ago at my first Sox game of the season. It was the second game, where they did the ring ceremony. They gave away 20,000 replica rings, but Sean and I didn't get there early enough, boo! I'm going to my second, third, and possibly fourth games of the season over the weekend. I am very excited.

Life has been good the last few days--not that it wasn't before, but I can definitely feel the relief of a lot of stress passing. Things are going okay for the events I have to plan and I only have one "big" assignment left (actually a minor presentation for a class I'm not even enrolled in). Anyway, the weather has been amazing and if I hadn't been so downright lazy today I would have gone out to play. I wish I were a little more tough against the elements too, allergies and sunsickness have already hit me bad this spring. The good thing is I have quit Mt Dew, (for rill rill). It's been almost a week, and actually I haven't had any caffienated beverages, but I have had chocolate--mostly in ho ho and donut form. mmm ho hos. Its strange though that without drinking mt dew, I haven't been craving candy the way I normally do. I have tons of Robin Eggs around and I haven't even wanted them, poor unwanted robin eggs.

blimp sighting

21 Jump Street

I can't wait until I win the name the blimp contest and my ultimate lifelong dream of flying in a dirigible comes true. One of the best parts is I will have control of the message board and I will tell the world how I really feel.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

weeee! (oh . . . WE)

Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I wish I could find more on this show, it is my new favortite thing in the world. It airs at random times (well somewhat random around 10:20-11:50 on Saturday mornings) on the Korean Broadcast Station. I gather it is somewhat like a Korean kid-friendly version of Malcolm in the Middle about this family of geniuses. But all you really need to know is it rocks.


Well I certainly didn't expect to find this, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. It's kind of like the time I happened across a bounty hunter site.

umm, happy Easter???

Then I remembered these.

the end of an era

Saturday was the last time I drank Mt. Dew. I had a can in the morning and then just decided to stop. I've been addicted to it since I was about 5 years old. I have never really drank anything else on a regular basis (except water). I have only "quit" drinking it three times before, twice while traveling abroad and once when I was on a medication that made it taste awful (along with everything else I ate and drank). Anyway, I have made it through the last few days just fine as far as not wanting to drink it anymore. I've even got like 18 cans left hanging around in the kitchen and I haven't been tempted. I am going to move them down to my car trunk later and donate them to the CPR launch party. But I have felt kind of crappy. I thought quitting would also help me sleep well, something that is rare for me anyway. However, I have been having an even harder time sleeping and feeling exhausted all the time. I'm assuming if it's related to the lack of dew it is temporary. It probably seems like I am making way too big a deal about it, but I know others who are addicted to Mt Dew and they understand the need for it. Sure, it's not like I am quitting smoking, but I've tried to do it before by weaning myself from it, but always failed. Anyway, I am hoping cold turkey works and that this is a permanent thing. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 07, 2006

mmmm Crab. . .

So I was watching Check Please, a kid's version, and they reviewed a crab place. I want crab. . . again. Also, very entertaining was how the two little girl reviewers were trying to talk over each other and they were shooting looks at each other like they were gonna fight. it was great.
i'm bored. and i want crab.

Take the quiz:
Which Full House Character Are u?

Aww..You're the cute one...

Well DUH!! Just look at me

Rip Van Winkling

I finally got a good long night's sleep. 9 hours. I got up feeling energetic, did some time on the bike and I'm still going strong. I think I might have finally kicked the exhaustion. I want to go outside for a walk but it is raining. I might go anyway. I suppose I should get some things done soon. But I don't want to stress myself out too much. My only real duties this weekend is to catch up on sleep, and I am going to do that like it's my job.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Things I have realized while doing homework

Watching Svengoolie is condusive to writing talking points.

Chuck Woolery and Erik Estrada are trying to sell me land, and I actually was compelled to look into it. I'm worried about me.

Fast food commercials are getting more and more disturbing.
exhibit A
exhibit B

And then there is this which I find slightly amusing, but still a little strange.

But the most important thing I have taken away from this is that I need to finish school because then I will probably watch a lot less tv.

While channel surfing before delving into my homework I came across "The Ring" then I came across this:

When the girl from The Ring climbed out of Vin Diesel's TV, he stood up, cleared his throat, stretched calmly, and booted her straight back in.

get your facts here

Then I found this:

A random fact about Mr. T...

When Mr.T was on the price is right in 1979, he pitied Bob Barker, then he held the wheel still as he spun the world around it.