Saturday, September 24, 2005

7 things. . .

Okay, a while back I was tagged by Jaq to fill this out. . . What can I say? I had a lot of trouble trying to think of things I cannot do.

7 Things I plan to do before I die:
get married
have kids
go surfing
go hang gliding
learn to sail
ride in a dirigible
become a full time professor somewhere, anywhere

7 Things I can do:
make killer cheesecakes
tie cherry stems in a knot with my tongue
solve diabolical sudoku puzzles
write a decent poem once in a while
make people laugh
drink way more than I should be able to without getting a hangover

7 Things I cannot do
see without my glasses (or contacts)
watch most situation comedies without getting bored or frustrated
touch my nose with my tongue
talk in the classes that I take
make sound in space
sleep well, ever

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
sense of humor
nice hands and arms
facial stubble
curly hair

7 Things I say most often: (hmm, I don’t really talk a lot)
I love you

7 Celebrity crushes:
Ewan McGregor
Billy Boyd
Peter Dinklage
Martin Freeman (Tim from The Office)
Craig Charles (Lister on Red Dwarf)
Michael Madsen
(I know I have odd taste)

7 People I Want To Do This:

Friday, September 23, 2005

I spy with my little eye. . .

Passing through the living room a moment ago I glimpsed out on the city to see a sight that always makes me smile: A DIRIGIBLE! Other random things that always brighten my day: sailboats, kites and (ironically) clouds.

Move over Su Doku, now there's Killer Su Doku

My prayer for a mathier Su Doku has been answered.

Check it out!.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"I got two turn tables and my Mommy's home"

Getting to see Beck this week was just what I needed as the semester from hell has just begun. (A weekly bout with Pablo Neruda is one of the reasons I have been lax in posting--not that I would post anything but internet quiz results anyway, but hey) I can’t really expound on it, and can only say it was a great show. The only thing missing was my best friend Theresa. :(

I recommend looking for his appearance on Austin City Limits from a couple of years ago in which he is backed by The Flaming Lips. It’s being run on some PBS stations this weekend. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be aired here in Chicago. Luckily I still have the VHS copy that my mom recorded from its original airing.

Wow! Who knew a Space Ghost quote would come in so handy as an entry title?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An oldie but a goodie.

Shiggity Shiggity Shwa.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poetry was a bad choice.

I saw this random thing today and learned my perfect career path according to astrology.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) A Taurus is practical, methodical, determined, patient, honest, dependable and a good team player. Look to the fields of banking, accounting and scientific research for your perfect job.

Why didn't they tell me 8 years ago, before I changed my major to English?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

So we meet again. . .

As I boarded the Red Line this morning I grabbed a Red Eye and found my little SuDoku Ninja armed with numchucks (sp?) and a puzzle of a two star difficulty rating. I finished it by the third L stop. I did a few more while passing the time in my temporary office--a random barren cubicle. I should have been using this time to do homework -- some serious reading and writing -- but I was dying from a major headache and nausea.

That a number-based brainteaser eases me while suffering migraines makes me wonder if perhaps I am pursuing the wrong field.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Boil 'em, Mash 'em, Stick 'em in a stew.

Hip Hip

No surprises here:

The Subtle Hipster
sweet jesus. you're 83% hipster.
You're pretty hip, but not in a ridiculously over-the-top kind of way. In fact, you probably look like a regular person generally and almost blend in with the masses, but you wear a few subtle signifiers of your hipness. In fact, hipsters probably don't realize how hip you are until you get into conversations about music, movies, and politics. You're at a healthy level of hipness. Rock on. Don't try too hard.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 31% on hippoints
Link: The Are you a Hipster Test written by honeysuckle17 on Ok Cupid

Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Anniversary and Thanks Mom

Today is my first anniversary of life in Chicago. Although I didn't really start living here until about the 25th of September, I was the official lessee of this grand apartment as of one year ago today.

My living space has always been important to me, as superficial as it may seem. I have always been a bit of a homebody and prefer to spend a substantial amount of time alone, so it's always been important that my living space has a nice ambiance. While I sometimes miss my old cheap apartments in Des Moines, this is by far the best one I have ever had. I have no plans of moving from this apartment while I am in my program, despite my apt mgr's attempts to budge me out so she could have it for herself. But then, who can blame her. I live on the 8th floor in a neighborhood mostly comprised of three-floor walk-ups. From my bedroom I have an amazing view of the neighborhood, Lake Michigan, and in the distance I can see downtown. Every morning I wake up and say "hello Sears Tower." Well, except when it's really foggy. My new home has not lost any of its magic--no matter what, it's always beautiful. I love it.

For all of this, I have to thank my mom for being conscious enough when we were viewing apartments to think of little details like the view. Otherwise, I could have ended up staring at a neighbor across the courtyard.

Yes, let's talk SuDoku!!

It all began in the second week of July. As part of the “training” for my new job which begins in the fall, er, next week I mean, I worked as an Orientation Leader at school during the month of July. Since I was not originally hired in the same manner as the real OL's I was never assigned any specific work. This meant that in the mornings as Orientation began I had to make myself look busy doing odd jobs like stuffing mugs into bags to be handed out to the new students, stuffing packets full of fliers and pamphlets,but mostly standing around directing students and their parents ten feet to my right where they could find their lunch. After lunch I would go to a computer lab where I would actually get to interact with new students and help them with the registration process which at the very least made me feel useful.

Well in the second week I was given a more specific job, which was to stand in the lobby of a single building from 8am-4pm. There was no point to my being there, at all. Although parents were sent to this building (the first group around 10am and the second around 1pm), they were kept in an auditorium most of the day. When their sessions ended they would wander back to the lobby looking for their kids. So really all I ever did was wait to be asked the same question 100 times a day “when will my child be coming back” so that I could explain to parent after parent that “it all depends on the student, they register on their own and it is a matter of how quickly each individual completes the process.” After that, some parents would follow up with more annoying questions. I’m not really sure which was worse, standing in the same spot for 6 hours alone and silent or the other 2 hours standing in the same spot being asked question after dumb question.

By the third day in a row of standing I found salvation from the monotony. My assigned post was right next to the elevators and a mere 8 feet away from the pile of daily Red Eyes. To pass the time I finally decided to look into this daily news thingy. I scanned, got bored, flipped pages, and quickly decided to track down the crossword. Though, I’ve never been an avid crossword player I figured what the hell , I have a pencil, may as well have a go. But when I found the crossword my attention instantly turned to a wee ninja with a sword drawn, challenging me. He is the SuDoku Ninja. For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of this new puzzle craze sweeping the land, SuDoku is a number puzzle that involves no math. Personally, I was sadened by the lack of math. (I heart math. . . and I miss math, some days I wonder why I gave up numbers for words, but I digress). Despite the lack of math, I have always been a big fan of puzzles and brainteasers so I quickly became addicted to it.

The first few days it kept me quite busy, I was just getting down the methods of eliminating possibilities so I could easily waste a few hours every day on each puzzle. By the second week though I was getting them done much quicker so it served less as way to pass the time, nonetheless I was hooked. By the final week of my stint in the lobby I was realizing that I was going to miss my daily duel with the SuDoku Ninja. I mean sure, I could walk a few blocks to get a Red Eye, but I have somewhat better things to do than to track down a free copy, and I loathe newspapers piling up around here. Plus I was traveling to Des Moines to visit home for a while and wouldn’t have access to such modern games as SuDoku--if you’ve ever been to Des Moines or seen the Prehistoric Iceman episode of South Park you would understand. Luckily, my boyfriend came to the rescue one night when he brought me The Book of SuDoku, (compiled by Michael Mepham).

Like many others, I am hooked. I take my book with me everywhere, and rather than filling out the puzzles in the book itself I copy them down in a notebook, you know, so I can redo them another time. I also do a few regularly online and I will link my favorites soon, or you can google them for yourself.

While the book and online versions are great, I am looking forward to having convenient access to the Red Eye again because I think the SuDoku Ninja is just so freaking cute. On this page you can see some thumbnails his creator has posted at the end of the second row down. I'd also like to point out that he bears a striking resemblence to the silhouette of Stewie Griffin, in his iPod commercial.