Friday, June 04, 2010

Little things

I love the little things my husband does.

Sean and I got married two years ago this week and for all but about four of our married months together I have been taking classes toward my second Masters degree. I have a hectic schedule between work and school and I have been a terrible housekeeper. I just finished my final class leading into a 10 week break before my final year of the internship experience begins. My final class met last night and afterward I immediately felt a sense of relief and was energized. Today that energy continues and I am working to bring some order back to our disheveled abode. Since Sean and I bought our home and began our cohabitation there are little things he does or does not do that drive me up a wall, but when I see these reminders I remember that I am at fault too and I know there are equally annoying habits that must get to him. What I love is that there are many more little things he does around the house without my asking or nagging, such as taking out the trash, refilling the soap dispenser, keeping track of our toilet paper supplies, just to name a few. Sure these things seem miniscule to the much more obvious things Sean does for us like planning and preparing many of our meals, planning our getaways, keeping our social life alive, heck he practically planned our whole wedding. He has done so much for me, and does so much for me on a daily basis. He has provided me with so much love and support as I have worked toward my academic and career pursuits. His vigilance to keep my stress levels low and his daily expressions of his love for me, for us (whether through good-night kisses or always being the responsible one to turn out all the lights and locking the door before he comes to bed every night) probably go unrecognized on a daily basis. But I am so grateful for everything he does for me. I hope as I slough off the stresses and responsibilities of graduate school I can begin to repay his support and love because he deserves so much!